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March 15, 2011
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Chapter 1: Departure Plans

  After the cowardly leaders of the three nations have left Earth, the new rule of the United Earth have began to start construction on the new space shuttles which they will use to leave the planet. Amazingly because there was no war against the former nations the work started faster and much more efficient. But still it was hard to built them the work was hard and dangerous but nonetheless the workers did not stop it was this or dieing on the doomed planet. 7 Space Shuttles were built and three more awaited completion. While the building of them went well. Other matters where at had: How to move the remaining population through space with no food or water immediately available? This question bothered three persons in the consul room in the primary headquarters building near the Shipyard. General Fedorov walked impatiently through the room in a military type stand of:

"Fedorov what is the matter with you?" Asked Nitimori.

"I am just a little impatient about all this. And about our
dammed leaders." He answered.

"Do not concern yourself with these things General. The shuttles are almost ready and no one can stop us our leaders have cowardly fled the planet, we are the last here."

"I hope you are right Lieutenant. Marcus how are we on the schedule."

"Well we are already ahead of schedule the shuttles are almost ready their shield generators and power source need to be installed and also the necessary supplies for our people."

"Is there enough space to put so much food and also why do we need there is only a short trip to Mars?" Nitimori asked

"We are not going to Mars." Fedorov cut.

"What? Why not?" Nitimori asked.

"Because, began Gordin, The others are already there all our leaders have fled to the Red Planet and we can't start another war with them already, we need another place where we can stay."

"I suppose, but where should we go, we have no knowledge of any planet that can support us, that is outside the Solar System?" She asked.

"It doesn't matter how much it will take us, we need to find another home." He said.

"You understand now Nitimori. If we go to Mars our leaders will stop at nothing to destroy every single one of us so that we don't undermine they power. That is why we need to move as fast as we can if we are going to survive. Fedorov explained.

"No pressure." She said giving a sight.

"I now it is hard for us, but we have all our people with us and they will help us in reaching our goal."

They all raised and Fedorov began:

"Both of you are dismissed and god speed in our undertaking." They all give the military salute and Nitimori and Gordin left the room. After they left, Fedorov went to the window overlooking the shipyards where the shuttles were built and also the housing where all the civilian population was living. He sat there watching and waiting. He took a small photo from his pocket. He looked at it and gave a sight. "I am sorry; I should have protected you when I had the chance now you are just a memory in a picture. He put the picture back in his pocket and looked back to his people. But I will do whatever I need to do to help my people and even if that means my death. He acknowledged that thing and he looked at the sky and said: "But please I can not do this on my own. If you are truly the one who helped us all this time do one last thing for us and help us leave, please" And with that he took one last glance at the shipyard and left the room.

While they were walking back to the lab Nitimori asked
Grodin about something:

"What is it with Fedorov?" She asked. He looks like a very sad
person almost... I don't know. I hope he can lead us to victory.

Still with his eyes in his computer Marcus answered:

"Do not be so hard on him Lieutenant. He lost too many things in his life as a man and as general. Despite he looks as hard as a rock he still is very affected by this thing witch affected all of us."

"I now but he could at least be more talkative and try to say the things he has on his mind." She responded.

"Honestly I do not think he is good for a leader, but unlike our leaders he has heart he would sacrifice himself only to see us survive."

"I understand by I do not question his ability as a leader, but his loyalty for us."

"You believe he is still loyal to the Czar?"

"Something like that." She answered.

"I know what you are saying Nitimori, but tell me this why when our troops encountered other ED generals almost never returned and when they encountered Fedorov always returned even if they where defeated and lost there respective sector that is what I call efficiency at a small cost in troops and most important lives. For that I for one respect him beyond everything if there is someone who will get us of our doomed planet it is him."

"I never thought at the general this way, but if what you
say is true he his a good man."

"Let the Fedorov in his thought for a while he will come
around I know he will."

"Ok. She responded."

"Good now at the task at hand. We need to install the
shuttles primary defense systems and shield generators."

"Wait." She interrupted him. "Weapon systems? Why do we need

"We do not know what's out there. We could run in different problems such as asteroid showers and who knows maybe we will have our first alien contact and it could go very good or really bad for that we must be prepared. I wanted to ask something by the way is the LC fighters capable of significant space flight capabilities?"

"Of course they are they are capable of deep space flight
and fight."

"Very good, because we have installed hangars for fighters on each of the ships there will be 15 fighters and bombers active on them that of course except the ones stored for the journey."

'Let me guess Fedorov wants some military relief on the ship isn't it?" She asked Gordin.

"I know it may sound like I don't know stupid or useless, but I still believe we need a few troops on board when we reach our new home."

"We do not now even if we are going to find a home Marcus. We could end somewhere in space and never be heard of us again."

"I know that is a huge possibility, but still if we stick together nothing will stop us from achieving what we have our goals nothing."

While they walked they arrived at a small crossroad of the hallways:

"I need to go to see my squadron Marcus we will see each other later." Nitimori said.

"I will go to the lab and see what progress was made on the new modifications for the shuttles. I meet up with you later." And with that they left there separate ways. After she reached the main hangar Nitimori almost immediately entered her personalized Super Fighter m2 and went out towards the opened skies to set what happened on the surface, also with her squadron by her side. Marcus as he entered the lab he sat dawn on his chair and looked at
the reading from the sensors scattered on the planet do determine exactly when the planet is going to rip itself apart.

That is what our friends here are doing they are trying to save the last species on the planet: the human race.
Alright first chapter the story unfolds
General Fedorov, Lieutenant Nitimori and Marcus Gordin belong to Me. Action based on the game 2150:LostSouls



Chapter 2:[link]
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