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As some of you know my country is neighbor to Ukraine and I have to say I am a little afraid by the prospect of war because I fear my home will become the new battlefield for NATO and Russian Federation's troops each trying to get a foothold and the Carpathian Mountains give the best natural defense barrier. Each of them will try to conquer us for the reason they want to protect us from the other. I am here just to say what I have to say, I don't have anything against the American or the Russian people, but their governments will risk war to make sure they remain in their seat of power. If it comes to war, well let's hope there will be some bricks left to rebuild after. :fluttershysad:

On the other side our Military and Medical organizations have began evacuating victims from Kiev and transporting them to our hospitals. At least they have a chance to recover without being threatened or shot after. 

If we are destroyed as a country, all of you just do your best and make sure somthing like this will never happen again.

Răzvan ending transmission.

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Vlad Emanuel Nicolae
Artist | Student | Literature
This is Vlad Emanuel here, I wanted an account on DA for some time and here I am. My first objective here is to try and to change the image that my fellow citizens have in the world and to show that the Romanians are people who can do anything and we will never stopped by anyone or anything. The second objective is to make friends and share with them my opinions, dreams, creations and other things. Personally I think that somewhere out there dragons live and one day we will visit them. But until then we are left to dream.

General of the Eurasian Dynasty
Commander of GDI Forces
European Continental Alliance General
United Earth Federation Armored Comand Unit Pilot
Soviet Commander
Terran Battle Commander
Alliance Human Paladin

General Vlad Fedorov
Age: 37
Hair Color: Black
Height: 1,90 m
Bio: After the war the General was betrayed by the Czar Vladimir II and left to die on the Planet Earth with the rest of the ED population. He managed and united with the survivors of the other two nations and left the planet in this time he became a iconic leader and goodhearted one there is.
Quote: "War has become from something honorable to something that disgust even the most proud soldier."

Commander Abel
Age:29 (EVA Database unconclusive)
Hair Color: Brown
Height:1.85 m…
Bio: Commander Abel was put in charge of the expeditionary task force sent to Equestria to make contact with the local populace and stop once and for all the Nod threat. Acused of being a traotor he stood in his cell waiting the inevitable execution. However he was given another chance, but he had to pay a price. He was inclosed in a personal Zone Armor which is conected to his nervous system if he made one mistake he will die.
Quote: "Be ready brother I am coming for you."

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Likes:Reading, Games, Imagining, Writing, Music, Movies
Dislikes:Hypocrisy, Manele, Politics, Thieves and all those who think they are superior than another.
Current Residence: Pausesti Maglasi, Ramnicu Valcea, Romania
Operating System: Windows XP Service Pack 2
MP3 player of choice: Nokia 2700 Clasic
Wallpaper of choice: Space
Favorite cartoon character: Princess Luna (MLP:FiM)
Personal Quote: Always trust in yourself

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Sharpy-loves-you 4 days ago  Hobbyist Writer
Hey Vlad.

Any idea on what the word 'Orgoi' means? 
Razvan563 1 day ago  Student Writer
I don't think it has a translation. I know from where you took it, but I don't like the Ace Combat Team calling the romanian terorists.
Sharpy-loves-you 1 day ago  Hobbyist Writer
Well, they did do that to Yuktobania, Belka, and even Laesath. Respectively, they represent the USSR, Germany, and North Korea.
Razvan563 1 day ago  Student Writer
As always, sorry I know you like Ace Combat, but I find it too politicaly involved. I find the H.A.W.X games much more friendly, that no matter what country you are you won't feel offended and the gameplay is more developed than in AC. My opinion.
Razvan563 Apr 7, 2014  Student Writer
Your welcome :)
RaikanEarthDragon Mar 24, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
hey X3 long time no talk XP
:icondragonhi: thanks for :iconfavplz:'ing 'valentines day' :icondragonglomp: :icondragonhug:
(if im thanking you again, im sorry im going through all my activities right now)
Frankenfur Mar 20, 2014  Student Interface Designer
Wow nice to see there is still a fan of the Earth series! I am actually going to put together a cosplay for it! Thanks to your documents I now can! Thanks so much! Its sad this game series had to compete with others like the Fallout Universe. I am glad It did well however :D! What other games are you a fan of?
Razvan563 Mar 23, 2014  Student Writer
I am glad I was able to help, but those document were easy to make just copy and paste and my opinion on them. Well I think it was a good thing that it didn't get that much attention this way we could enjoy it without a large company behind our back telling us that if you doot play this game you are stupid.

 And what do you think of my story by the way? On what points I have to improve?

My game list in no particular order (With their respective sequels, expansions, dlc's and mods):
Age of Empires
Empire Earth
Rise of Nations
Red Alert
Army Men RTS
Sins of a Solar Empire
Supreme Commander
Universe at War
Earth Series
Warhammer 40k
Company of Heroes
Mass Effect
Assassin's Creed
Legend of Spyro
Ace Combat
Plants vs. Zombies

ronmart12 Mar 19, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Thanks for the fav
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